Cross platform PC/XBOX

This game is great but I believe you should implement pc and Xbox cross plays as I and other streamers would like to multi steam together… I believe pc won’t have much of an advantage and there should be servers for cross play for people who didn’t want to play with pc they won’t have to.


PC has a huge advantage over xbox.


Care to elaborate?

+1 unless we (PC users) need to “lose” anything because of it.

XBOX + PC crossplay not worth a single FPS drop, not to mention even possible core functions.
And let’s be honest consoles in general cannot be as strong as a midclass PC. So most likely it would create unnecessary lag or something else…

BUT if they can do it right I’d love to have the option.


I don’t think this would be an issue. The server is what sends data back and forth between players. The only people to potentially get lag would be players who have weak connections to the server. At worst your new Xbox friends would say things like “Wait up, the base hasn’t finished loading” as they wait for assets to pop in.

As soon as Funcom nails down the Xbox client and optimises it players should be able to cross play. Yah the Xbox player won’t have their graphics set to “Ultra” like a high end PC player would but the game should function the same.

I’m all for cross play myself. It’s already happening for a number of games the main concern is getting the game working 100% on both platforms.


You say that pc have an advantage over Xbox, please tell me what they would be because I believe there will not be no major advantage. Which is also why there should be a choice whether you do cross play or not… apparently there is more Xbox servers and people playing on Xbox then there is on pc and everything runs smoothly on Xbox… well for me anyway whilst streaming. I just think it be a great addition to the game.

yeah it would be great to see cross platform abilities. i play single player/co-op on the xbox one have friends who want to co-op but they play on pc.

I can say from playing the console copy (ps4) and pc, my pc loads and plays much smoother. Not to say ps4 is choppy and ugly, but my pc can handle much more graphics when it comes to massive elaborate basses that ps4 can’t keep up with as much. Not a major tech guy but I’m pretty sure ps4 has better processing and graphics than xbox so it would be to some degree a noticeable difference when it comes to SOME gameplay experiences on cross-platform.

Then again they could always tone their graphics down on console and it should work, I would assume. I’m all for crossplatform I don’t get why the concept seems to of escaped developers for so many years.

Please no, if you look to sea of thieves (Forced crossplay) many people dislike including me.
Pc have many advantages and you can see very easy.
Optional crossplay ok.

Sorry for the english.

It is not a problem in Sea of Thieves. But that game was built from the ground up to be played in a cross/platform experience. The combat mechanics is very simple, the only advantage PC players had there was that they could possible use hacks (which thankfully get banned most of time).

Here it could potentially be a problem because of the fighting mechanics, also, doesn’t PC allow First Person combat? I know console does not. The other issue would be the Modding. PC allows Modding, Console does not (currently) so this would be an issue for some servers.

there are those out there that don’t mind any difference between console and pc, some not sure how many exactly would like this feature added to conan exiles for single player/co-op, like me i play on the xbox one my friend has just started playing on the pc, we would like to play co-op together

Sorry, but you is wrong, if you look on the forums of the Sea of Thieves, there’s many posts of crossplay, xbox against and pc no problem.
The devs don’t do anything because the game was sold with crossplay.
And PC have many advantages, even a better machine (sometimes), mouse and keyboard (better accuracy), and very rare problems with hacks.

And yes, here can be a problem like you said.

(Sorry for the english)

Which is almost certainly the only way it’ll work. It requires identically functioning game clients (not technically identical, mind) for this to be an option - I don’t know if that’s the case for CE (I don’t own an Xbox and my PS3 is turned off for months at a time).

But yes, there’s no deep technical reason why this should be impossible per se - it depends on the game. Adding it this far into the game’s lifecycle is probably not feasible though.

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