Crossplay between PC and PS4 (and another consoles)


Hey guys, what about Crossplay between PC and PS4? We want to really play with our friends along other platforms. Is there any chance to get crossplay? Even if it only works on rented servers, it would be awesome!! As you can see on Fortnite and Rocket League, it works without problems! So come on guys!


Unfortunately there are code difference between the PC, PS4 and Xbox that I think would prevent cross-platform play without extensive code rewrites
For example the ingame chat channels on the PC version and none on the PS4 & Xbox.

But I think that it is feasible. Games like Conan Exiles would be much more fun if you have the opportunity to play with friends on other platforms. Personally I can do without the ingame chats, instead I would use discord.

A lot of games these days offer voice chat as a means (if not THE means) of communication.

Anyway, I found myself wanting this as well as Conan Exiles is free this month on Playstation Plus but most of my friends play on PC.

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I would love it but it’s unlikely. crossplay is something you have to take into account from the beginning. adding it afterwards is way to complicated and not worth the effort.

note: neither sony nor microsoft are really interested in crossplay and need a lot of good reasons ($$$) to move in this direction.

I think that it is well worth the effort. Epic Games got it done at Fortnite in hindsight, as did Rocket League. It is unfortunately only a matter of money. But Epic Games wants to give everyone their Crossplay feature for free this year, maybe that’s something most developers use.

It’s not in my opinion. Look at the unique player count of fortnite and rocket league and now at the unique player count of conan exiles… it’s not worth the effort and money to spend and no I did not expect a exploding unique player count from crossplay.

A few of my buds went on to RDR2 just because they could not play with the rest of our group. There are cross platform games out there. Just like RDR2 is just for boxes, the folks that did this were short sided and not very hungry for money.

I keep reading that some are against crossplay. I can not understand. No one is forced to use this feature :smiley: … I think that crossplay unites more players.

There are certain games, were cross-play would just be godly, because everyone is running about same game on same hardware requirements.

Consoles + this game do not handle same as PC users. PC user would have to give up certain things so we could even be in same area, Thats not counting coding changes and such.

if PC users are willing to “dumb down” what they got… sure. I’d would love to play with them via my Ps4. But i doubt they wanna shrink there bases, cut back on thralls and all objects.

Past few DLC cut placeables cause consoles can’t handle them after certain point. =/

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