Question about the future of Conan Exiles

I am sure this has been talked about plenty, but I could not find any relevant information regarding the topic.

With Valheim getting crossplay in spring 2023, are there any new discussions being had over Conan maybe receiving the same treatment? Personally I loved the game but not having crossplay killed it for me. Is this at all going to happen in the future? I know Conan has plenty of other bugs and problems that likely take priority it just feels like the game is starting to fall behind. Thoughts?


I personally fully agree. Ive friends who would play with but we all run diff systems or consoles if there was crossplay there would for sure be more co-op play cross the board.

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If they ever did crossplay it would only be console with console, and PC is already playable whether you are Stream, EGS, or Gamepass.

Mouse and Keyboard provides far too much of an advantage over controllers in this game. Especially if any sort of ranged weapon is involved.

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I would not mind meeting people in pve though (where the advantages u mention r not bothering the gameplay). It would also cut the cost of servers, as less servers would be needed for pve as overall.

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Would the console players be alright with not being able to connect to servers when they have to wait for Sony/Microsoft verification everytime the game gets an update?

Because as a PC player, waiting for verification to get a hotfix is a big fat no from me.

Right now Console and PC as of writing this, are on two different versions of the game. Meaning if there was crossplay, I could be playing the game on a server while anyone there on console could not until Sony and Microsoft give their arbitrary stamps of approval in order to make themselves feel relevant.

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The whole verification thing just needs to be more organised!!!

How other games manage to do it, but FC cannot?
Just wondering… Cause i am sure the same verification process goes for all developers, not just funcom’s

Then maybe this is a thing they need to prioritise till their next update!!!

PC would have to wait for hotfixes instead of getting them asap until consoles passed cert. That way the patches would drop all at the same time. This would mean the bugs from a few days ago would still be in effect while waiting on PC.


As Darth pointed out the reason other games get away with that is because PC players have to wait till both consoles are verified, the process is on Microsoft and Sony. Not Funcom.

I didn’t buy the PC version to wait on Microsoft and Sony to feel like they have control. Which is all that process is.

There’s also the problem with console players not being able to use mods. Which a vast super-majority of PC servers use. So we’d be waiting on verification for players we’ll never even see.

Its entirely unacceptable. Get Microsoft and Sony to remove that process and then we might have common ground, but not until then. Not going to compromise on that.

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While I understand what you’re saying, the consumer at large isn’t responsible for any of what you are talking about nor do they care about the challenges. People just want to be able to play with their friends and more and more games in this genre are allowing them to do that while Funcom has not. The reality is that it’s just going to lead to more and more people leaving the game especially with Valheim being a couple months out they player base most certainly is going to be impacted by this.

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By hotfixes u mean exploits? Or lets say spellchecks?

U wont wait. The updates will simply be programmed to run along together

It todays context, I mean gateframes that dont place.

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:innocent: Hey, the bug with the gate frames was fixed relatively quickly. :sweat_smile:


Yeah it was. That was my point… we got an immediate fix on pc while console has to wait for cert.


Like I said, its a hard no from me. I’ve been playing the game for 6 years with the idea of getting my hotfixes as soon as they are ready and not having to wait for Sony and Microsoft to certify them. I coordinated with my friends that I intended to play CE with to all buy the Steam version. They can do the same.

People leaving for Valheim is a laughable theory. That game doesn’t have half the content that the Iron tier levels in Conan has. And if you think a G-portal server is bad on Conan, join ANY server on Valheim with more than 2 players. Its netcode is garbage. Its a fun distraction for singleplayer, not much else.

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That may carry some weight. There are still differences to question even if cross play is enabled: mods.

I can certainly sympathize with people who just want to play with their friends who happen to be on a different platform. But people absolutely do need to be aware of the fundamental difficulties that will come with crossplay. Especially where any level of PvP is involved. And that’s before even considering how mods could be accounted for, if they can at all.

If people know and acknowledge these issues and are willing to put up with them without complaining, then I’d say go ahead.

No offense, but as an informed consumer, I care a hell of a lot. I play on PC and I don’t want to wait longer for a bugfix just to cater to the people who want crossplay.

Yeah, people have been coming to these forums trying to scare Funcom with the stories about how all the Conan Exiles players will run away to whatever game-du-jour you want to pick, and guess what? Conan Exiles is still here, and it’s still very much being played, and the long-term trend shows that the number of the players is rising.

Precisely. Now imagine having to wait longer, because the hotfix has to be released to all the platforms at the same time.


We still cannot place gateframes correctly :confused:.
Cross play for me is a dream.
But i guess, some dreams it’s best to remain dreams.