Can you make conan exiles crossplay with xbox and pc

Greetings i play on cloud gaming on pc to try and play your game with my pals who are on Xbox and its not good due to reasons but i really wanna play with keyboard and mouse on Xbox server’s my pals own a server what i love and could you do something like ark to where if you own it on windows the game you can join a Conan server on Xbox if the host of the server make it cross play in the settings but i love your game every time i play it so yea

Hello there @TheAlienCreator and welcome to our forums!

Thank you for the time you took to provide us feedback, I would suggest posting on this forum as it would be more appropriate for suggestions and feedback in overall.

ok sorry i will redo it my bad i only did it as a xbox bug becuse i was speaking about xbox it self

No problem at all :smile:

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