Crossplay on Conan Exiles

I’ve seen many old posts and can’t find anything about crossplay. I have a pc and my brother has ps4 and we want to play together for a long time. Will crossplay be implemented in the game?
PD: I’m using google translator to write this, sorry if you don’t understand something.


Probably won’t happen, but it would be awesome if it was.

I’m on PC, don’t have an Xbox. Have friends that play all their game on Xbox, and their PC’s suck.

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I, for one, am against it. Sorry but the game is been murdered by xploiters, duppers, undermeshers and glitches. In my experience here on LATAM servers, is full clans of this “people”. They should get permanently banned to protect people who wants to enjoy the game fair and square.

And bringing PC players with aim bots, etc.? Hard pass on that. Maybe if they allowed for players to choose between cross play enabled or not, that would work, plus adding full mouse+keyboard support on console, otherwise better to stay away from that and fix the game first

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No crosafire play. Ps4 and xbox yes but ps4 and pc or xbox and pc no
The pc players are a lot faster than the joysticks so no i really dont want that

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Aimbots is not that common in CE tho. I dont think I never met one. But other hacks is more or atleast was more common.

And for the topic, I think crossplay would be nice it will make people get new enemies and rivals. Dont think it will happen tho.

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