Crossplay (PC / Xbox One) or Xbox play anywhere

Conan exiles is a great game …
But there is a problem. Some of my friends play on the PC and some of my friends play on the Xbox.
Are there any plans towards crossplay or xbox play anywhere. Ark evolved, for example, already supports crossplay. There are certainly many others who want this feature.

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It would be cool if they added this.

This was done well over a decade ago for some games (Such as FFXI, people from all over the world on both PC and PS2 played on the same servers together, we even had an auto-translate feature to get around language barriers).

So you’d think it would be easy by now.


There are probably too many mods for PC that will not work with Xbox. Perhaps they could allow PC to play on non modable Xbox server.

That would be my dream come true, so family can play togheter with pc/xbox.

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God no… No crossplay…