Implementing the Funcom Live Services into the game for cross platform future compatibility?

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Hi Everyone! Great to see Conan still getting worked on although I haven’t been able to access pc server for the last day. Not worried just happy to see developers active. I was excited to see Implementation of Funcom Live Services. My question is has this been implemented for future cross platform integration? @Community let us know your thoughts :slight_smile:

You are exited to see “The implementation of Funcom live services” ??

Let “us” know? whos “us”?

Well here’s two cents, we did not ask for it? What do we need it for?

You tell "us?

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So, which dev are you?

Well Like I said if it’s being added so they can build cross platform then it’s a huge thing for the game. At the moment the fan base is split up all over the place.

Thanks for commenting was a great reply :slight_smile:

Didn’t realise I said I was a Dev?

I think cross platform will be awesome and cant wait to play with my fellow PS and Xbox Conanians.

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Same! Will bring some life to the game. Lets hope they get it done :smiley:


How many cross platform games are there and do they work well. Not trying to be a downer but I have played since day one on Ps4 and on the forum for about 2 years and I don’t see it getting pulled off. Would be great if they could.

I don’t really care about it, since I play only on PC and have no friend playing on console.

At this time it seems useless, but what I hope is at least that the friendlist tool will make it easier to launch co-op games (maybe like the battletag feature for Diablo 3).

Maybe it will also be developed with that funcom launcher I heard about ? With some kind of funcom cross-game friendlists and chat to keep in touch with your future fellow exile-desert-city runners ? I don’t really care either but we’ll see :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cross platform with PC’s would break the game. Way to many scripters and cheats on PC. Its fine if you play on a level playing field but xbox and ps4 players would be at a serious disadvantage.


and you think i can play a game that i bought 2 years ago in early access with all dlc when they were sold. but actually i cannot, game dont even launch…

because personnaly i dont think this is great to not play a product i bought & financed since early access, not great to have services like battlemetrics and steam no more compatible, and i dont think it go in right direction and serve the community.

If this game became cross-platform, would console players have access to mods?
if not, then I do not think cross-platform would be a good idea.

Consider the following. I don’t know how accurate it is. It is information I’ve read other places and I’ve not really gone to verify it.

  • Funcom was acquired by Tencent
  • Tencent supposedly owns a large stake in Epic Games (among other things)
  • They have disabled the SteamAPI in Conan Exiles with this patch (you can see it in the logs)

It seems to me more like they are decoupling from Steam and planning to push the game on platforms like Epic Game Store rather than Steam. They could also allow cross platform game play, but I doubt that is their true motivations here.

A lot of what is broken now is related to it looking for a Funcom Live ID when previously it used Steam IDs and the Steam API.

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Spot on, Dwinblood.

This is the reason why this patch happened. Everyone following the hints saw this coming a mile away.

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