Will there be cross platform brought it the game

I think if you bring cross platform to conan exiles and merge the offical server to 4 of each type ( pvp, pve, pve c) and expanesd the server slot to 60 per server you might make alot more money since my mates play xbox and i play pc they cant play with me which suck cause it would be fun to play crossplatform conan exiles with my mates.

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Welcome to the Forum. There has been talks of cross platform servers. I think it would be more feasible for Xbox and PC to do it. Not so sure about Playstation. PC on pvp servers might have a edge over consoles do to mouse and keyboard.

that’ll be the day. 60 slot official servers.

Funcom would rather go the easy way and ban/wipe players instead of paying for better servers.

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Cross platform would be great
But it is a lot and difficult work so…

But so was rain inside buildings :stuck_out_tongue: so I won’t give up hopes


You know, I used to think (as a former console exile) that it would be that way, then when I switched to pc I kept using controller because I found keyboard and mouse horribly awkward. My server mates use keyboard and mouse and I laugh when they die horrible deaths due to key placement and stuff so I’m not sure it would be that big of a deal honestly. Archery is probably where consoles would be at a disadvantage but I think they would just adapt their playstyle to minimize that difference. If it were possible, it would be interesting, but I think there are issues such as patch parity, mods and other things that get in the way of things (getting Sony on board being a big one).

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Yes don’t see Sony giving in to allow it. My knowledge of keyboard super limited would definitely have to use a controller.

I have had the same reaction to my controller using friends. +1 to the OP idea for the laughs I would have in the future.

You do not want to cross platform primarily controller users to keyboard and mouse. Especially not in a PVP setting.

As for technical possibilities, sure its possible, FFXIV manages it just fine.

But I will say this. As a PC player, I don’t want my patches delayed by silly verification processes. Sorry, but just being honest here. I don’t feel like losing fast hotfixes over the ability to play with someone who can’t even use mods.

If Microsoft ever changes its policies on verification (and Sony too if they have them). And they both allow for modding. Then I might change my stance. But this is entirely on Microsoft and Sony.

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