Cross-Play Xbox One / PC

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I would like an explanation from FUNCOM, I want to know the reason for the company not to implement cross-play between pc windows and xbox-one or even with ps4, some crybaby players will say that there are cheats and boots on the computer, but this problem is easily solved if funcom corrects these flaws, it would not only correct if it were due to the inability to do so, then FUNCOM please answer me why does it not implement crossplay, is it due to lack of capacity, imbalance? unfeasibility? because the conan community is broke, the game is extremely expensive on xbox one and you can’t find players online … unlike titles like ARK or ATLAS, which has native crossplay and many more players. and if you don’t want to release crossplay on official servers why don’t you just release on private ones?

The controllers are different amid each brand. Cross-play may be unfair due to that.

For me it’s a no no I don’t want hackers plaguing the console community


what’s the problem with the controls being different? hundreds of games have crosplay and that’s how I don’t see anyone complaining, besides what is the problem of having crosplay on private servers, whoever plays private games, whoever paid puts the crossplay or not as it happens in the ark or atlas.

@anikinbz how about this why not buy a console instead if you want to play with your friends the console community does not want hackers plaguing them

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I have the consoles (xbox-one and ps4) and I also have a computer, my wife and children play as well as several friends, the community cannot be afraid of something without logic, what you say is nothing more than fear of disability.

@anikinbz not sure if funcom can deal with the hacker problem on pc since it’s been going on for years as for your other question whatever happens on PvP, PVE, or Private it happens across the board they don’t separate the changes … so for example all the nerfs they did for PVP balancing also effected PVE when it wasn’t necessary

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@anikinbz Instead of funcom hiring just 2 or 3 in-game moderators they rather pour there money and time on this anti-meshing program from what I’m reading isn’t even working properly

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"This is the first time anikinbz has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!"
Firstly your first post to the community is very demanding.

The PC version and Console versions are 2 completely different games it will never happen. you would have a better chance seeing PS4/5 cross with Xbox. The conan team is so small they have a hard time keeping up with everyday bugs and fixes forget developing crossplay

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Because its development started in 2016 when cross play wasn’t normal on a very small budget.

It’s far, FAR more difficult to implement cross play on an established game then it is to have done it from the ground up with that in mind. That’s just the way it is.


Too late

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Yes however they could implement cross play between consoles.

I’m not picky, just realistic with a purchased product.

reports show that the developer made about $ 4.5 million in the first week alone, covering the cost of the investment, as you said the company is small but has several games released, this is no excuse, besides talking about game development , crossplay is relatively simple to implement.

In my view, the possibility is minimal, since the consoles are in the background, the focus of FUNCoM, is the PC and the Island of Siptha, as they promise, and do not fulfill the promised, a Cross, between platforms would be impossible , because the console version is not the same for the PC, that is “THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY FOR THIS TO HAPPEN”, until the day that FUNCOM looks at the consoles with the same eyes that takes care of the PCs, maybe just that there will be the slightest possibility of that happening.

I think my friend is wrong, talking about game programming, level designer, see that this is not reality, I speak because I study the course for this, the reason why I asked this question directly to FUNCOM and to prove that they do not do it simply because they don’t want to, the company doesn’t care about the players, their customers, that’s the truth, because if they wanted to, they would do it smoothly.

The only way you can do crossplay is if it is only PVE (not even PVE-C). And even then the Xbox players are going to lag behind.

Let me explain part of why this is true. The lock on feature for combat, I don’t use because it is less accurate than my mouse. I can lead attacks both melee and ranged on the target to ensure a hit even if it is moving away or laterally.

Your typical PC user can easily turn around and fire/throw a ranged weapon at even small targets some distance away. Again without using lockon.

Even outside combat, we can easily place stuff in chests with double clicks without going throw selections. Literally double click the items we want to move.

Switching and using items is a keypress. We have a hotbar, not a wheel.

So this idea that they don’t care is false, utterly false. The reason they don’t do this is because they actually do care.

your explanation has no logic for the following reasons:

1 - those who have a private server could choose to enable crossplay just like in other games

2 - they could have crossplayer and non-cross servers, on the official servers, so we could choose if we want to play or not with pc players.

3 - the game uses UE4, makes it very easy to compile for all platforms

4 - so why not give the player the freedom to choose whether or not to play together with other platforms.

5 - I know competitive FPS players, fornite, etc … who prefer to play on the xbox controller and play better than pc players, the keyboard and mouse do not give you the advantage, but your level of experience gives you the advantages.

Well, I believe, that we should join together, and protest together, because we are in our right, because FUNCOM, is not even here for us console players, because in the last LIVE, they said they would be launching a 2.3 update, until the end of the month, but nothing, we have to give an answer in time for them to realize that they are going to lose it is they, not us, we have to put an end to this neglect, for us console players

well being very straightforward, it will never happen because they can’t handle even leaving the console version for the PC, simple as that

No, we can’t.

Making new servers? When there’s hundreds of ones with single digits? Nope that won’t happen. Which means existing servers need to be converted. Who’s getting chosen to be screwed over for this one?

So one of you is right and one of you is wrong. Feel free to figure that out before I decide to discuss this one further.

Freedom to hang themselves.

We don’t have an autoaim feature that acts like a crutch. The lockon feature is a broken crutch by comparative standards. Because you are literally missing attacks you would not have if using a mouse.

If you want to test something, get a bow and go clear out either Mounds of the Dead or New Asgarath. This is a routine thing a normal PC user can do. Typically what they do is keep 2-3 things crippled by shooting them in the legs to refresh the debuff.

Now understand… a good player on a controller can probably pull this off. But it doesn’t take a good player on mouse and keyboard to do this.