Console Exclusives?

Seeing as PC has Mods and other exclusives not available on consoles would it be possible to get console exlusive content?

Just as a funny example Xbox green dye, PS blue dye, named thralls named after console founders, legendary weapons that are easter eggs of console exclusive games such as Gears of War, Halo, God of War, and so on.

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Id like to see packs or dlcs of categories like armor stands and pvp items to place in a base, or vines, trees and bushes with ponds, or stalls with merchants and stacks of silks and metals for role play. I would pay a reasonable price for items to decorate or have some use.


Those are things PC can get Via mods. For items to be Console Exclusive it would have to be something that would be unattainable by PC.

To further my example Xbox Version could have a named crafting thrall called Robert the Gatemaster who when tamed produces the Xbox Green dye or an axe called Slayer of Silcon Valley depending on which workbench he is placed on.

Heh, William Gatez, Overlord of Boxes😁

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Then the quest is futile. Anything “Xbox exclusive” PC could mod… :no_mouth:

Not if the dev kit doesnt include the assets but you are right there are some talented modders out there who could probably find a way.

The mods are something that Funcom doesn’t spend any of their time or assets on. You’re basically asking for something that not even pc has access to. Mods are made by independent people like multigun that spend their own time on and graciously let others get the use of.

Yes, I know. I used to watch firesparks vids showing beautiful and clever mod placeable and gave kudos to the person behind them. I was so envious of the work and not being able to have such amazing pieces on console. Sorry if you mistook me for ignorant, good man. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not at all. Nothing ignorant about the post mate. I was merely pointing out that if funcom make ps and Xbox exclusives, it would likely irk the pc player base. Probably a lot :joy:


Believe it or not, im a femme gamer :crazy_face:
Whether or not a PC modder could copy the idea i really dont care. Personally I would love placeables to make the base more desirable to live in or capture.
Such as…
Clan flags or a post, pole, mounted head on a pike. Available to dye in clan colours or symbols to mark their territory.
I would love that one!


Sorry I’m Australian, we call everyone mate :laughing: mounted head on a pike sounds particularly tasty! And customisable clan flags would be awesome :+1:


And that is exactly the point of my suggestion. For too long PC has loomed over console player with a sense of superiorty that has forced a permanent divide in our community. Then once the modders get involved its borderline bigotry how they treat us console players. So I say its time to even the playing field by adding content specificly for console and denying it for PC.

Perhaps going as far as making Gportal servers cross console compatable.

To fully support my observation here are a few facts from my PoV.

Test live: PC (yes) Consoles (no)
IoS Early access: PC (yes) Consoles (no)
Mods: PC (yes) Consoles (no)
Chosen of Asura: PC (yes) Consoles (no)

Just my opinion from what ive witnessed in the 4 years ive been playing CE, but seems Console version has always been treated as a byproduct of the PC version and is rarely if ever taken into consideration during the decision making process.

Any divide is only a perceived thing on our behalf. I wrote a post kinda related to how you feel only a week ago but it was limited to communication with console players in the forums so I understand where you’re coming from.

The biggest issue is that test live is patched and updated regularly. Pc has no certification process. Sony and Microsoft would have to certify every single small hot fox and patch which costs money for each one and would slow development of the game down by a considerable margin waiting for Sony and Microsoft to do their thing.

The game is being developed on pc and than ported to console. Don’t wait for this to ever change.

Not correct. I don’t know all the Chosens but @Croms_Faithful plays on ps4

I’m not trying to nit pick but funcom haven’t created a divide, we as disgruntled console owners that don’t have access to features that the limiting hardware and certification process is to blame for have created that divide ourselves. Best bet is if you feel that strongly about missing out, go out and grab a pc.


I understand but im trying to push for console player equality i guess. I just feel as though we as players are not view as valuable as PC players are.

not viable with M$ and Sony, bring it up with them

EA is against M$ and Sony policy

you begin to notice the pattern here?

and that’s not true

Im one to admit if im wrong and if this is incorrect i apologize, but most of the CoA ive seen have been PC players or modders. Im a pragmatist so i tend to call it as i perceive it. But that being said Funcom’s fault or not is it right that console players are treated at a lesser worth? Is our time, money, and loyalty not worth the effort to make something in game just for us? Or are we just excess baggage just along for the ride? I understand there are technical and legal limitations that prevent consoles from having access to certain features what I am asking is a consolation prize to make up for those limitations. Kind of a “Sorry we ran out of cake, but you can have this cookie!” scenerio.

you chose those limitations when you chose platform

This is the same thought process I had just last week. I was wrong. Pc has nothing that console users don’t that funcom themselves have done exclusively for them. They just get it first for already stated reasons. Consider pc users the testers for content that later is given to consoles albeit in a much more refined and polished version.
I feel where you’re coming from I really do. That’s why I’m currently in the market for a gaming pc :man_shrugging:

I can’t agree that it’s on funcom to throw a dog a bone for personal choice. As a fairly bad example if you buy the base model of a car should you be given a cookie because others have chosen a different model of the same car that comes with extra features that the base model does not?