Anyone locate grey lupine yet on Isle of Siptah?

I’m having difficulty finding a source of grey-lupine on the Isle of Siptah map. Anyone know of a location?

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I’ve been exploring the island for a week now. There are still a few spots to visit, but so far I haven’t seen one single grey lupin bush.

Has anyone seen any?

I have my suspicions that there is none. We used to have a lot of it but with the wrong bush visuals. Now when that was “fixed”, where we used to have grey-lupine now we have false mandrake. I have been searching for grey-lupine for months.

Now that you mention it, no. I don’t recall seeing any yet. But I haven’t really been specifically looking for it yet either.

I looked for a while and finally gave up. I scoured the island and yet to find any.

I got tired of being triggered by false mandrake.

Not only did I fail to find it growing on the isle, but I never found any other way to obtain it. Wild surge corpses don’t drop it. Vault chests don’t have it. Convergence trap doesn’t produce it.

I just bit the bullet and reported it as a bug:

It may have been removed or its appearance changed like that of the Desert Berry Bush.

Yeah, that reminded me that I hadn’t found desert berries either, so I looked it up. Seems I’ve been stepping all over them this whole time and didn’t even realize it.

Wouldn’t surprise me if the appearance of grey lupine was changed as well and nobody has recognized it yet.

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