Vines missing on isle of Siptah? (Grey flower lupine also missing?)

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I have not been able to locate vines in Isle of Siptah.

Horses can get 14% Vit increase chance with vines. But I have not been able to find it. Is there an alternative for vit chance with horses?
A person on my server also mentioned he was unable to find grey flower lupine for the 14% str chance increase with horses.

Anyone can assist with finding them on the isle of Siptah or verify that they are indeed not available there?

Thank you!

Vines are not missing, they are underwater, a lot of them in the oceans. However, grey-lupine is definitely missing.


There are vines in the lake around the Violet Island for example. They look like long brown weeds. This lake is rather shallow and you can gather them easily.

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Thank you guys! Didn’t know they added the vines as underwater plant. Not used to that as my base on regular server is in the middle of the jungle :slight_smile:

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