Vines Exiles Map vs Isle of Siptah

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On the isle of Siptah seaweed can be harvested with a sickle to obtain vines on the exiles map this is not the case. Is this a glitch or a feature ?

As far as I know, never fully addressed. However - when Siptah went into EA, it was mentioned (probably in patch notes) that seaweed would give vines (because there wasn’t another source). And trees were changed to give wood and branches with hatchet and bark and resin with pick - this then temporarily broke vines availability on EL (because the vine trees no longer dropped them, but the seaweed hadn’t been implemented). This was then fixed by re-adding vines to the vine trees on EL, but getting vines from seaweed was never added. So, long story short (too late) - probably intentional, but never actually stated as such :slight_smile:


That explains much thank you.

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In The Exiled Lands there is an excellent source of vines, if you can handle a world boss.

The boss in question is Rotbranch. Kill this guy, then harvest him with a sickle. You’ll have more vines than you can shake a sticks at.

I could have sworn there are some trees in the jungle area that are ‘choked’ with vines that you can harvest for vines?

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There are, and along almost all rivers too. They look a bit like a fern tree or something. Hacking ten of those will feed a horse for a month.

Also interesting that a boss drops them somewhere.

Oh I didn’t mean to imply that vines were impossible to find or anything I just trying to figure out the inconsistency between similar plant life (seaweed) and what you gather from it with a sickle and why it was so different depending on whether you was on the Exiled Lands or the Isle of Siptah maps Ie. EL you get plant fiber and on Siptah you get vines using the sickle on both maps.

@TeleTesselator excellent point on how long vines last as a food source on horses, talk about a super food !

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