Lianas from small palms still cannot be harvested

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Lianas from small palms still cannot be harvested.

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Hope this is a bug. Because you still need vines for ivy. (Don’t forget the ivy, Funcom) :blacksignal:

((and still no orochi emoji!))

Patch notes on TestLive mention a fix for vines on EL.

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Fixed with last patch.

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As I tried yesterday, it seems no Lianas are coming from small banana trees

Try the underwater tall green plants. They were moved that way in Siptah, so assuming they did the same in EL.



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I have been able to obtain vines successfully from the small banana tress - I’ve used pick, hatchet, sickle, skinning knife and even cleaver - all provided vines (admittedly not many with the cleaver :wink: ) - that’s in Exiled Lands on Singleplayer, since the latest hotfix.

Did your system apply the latest hotfix yet (I sometimes find that I think it has, but checking in steam it’s got scheduled for ‘later’ and hasn’t actually come through when I expected)?

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I may ask my server admins. And I’ll try the thing with the underwater plants, thx!

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you’re rigth! it is possible again!


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