Vines, where are they?

Sorry if this is common knowledge; I can’t figure out where to get vines. A google search led me to believe I could get them by harvesting small trees, but that search also indicated that vines weren’t dropping anymore (as of Jan 2, anyway). Is this still an issue? Is there a way to get vines, now, and I’m just bad at video games?

Not sure on live, but there was a note added about vines in the latest testlive branch.

So it should be easier to harvest them again once the testlive patch moves over to live.

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I’m still getting wood from the vine plants in live single-player, so I’m assuming it hasn’t been patched world-wide yet. Currently the only way to get vines seems to be as random loot from NPCs and loot chests.

Luckily you don’t need vines for very many things in the game, so we can probably survive without until the patch is ready.

You can get them again on testlive (I tested last night), but it’s not pushed to live, yet.

You can get vines from mining the thin short palm trees with a pick, not a hatchet. Aim torards the top of the trunk, where the leaves/branches split off.

Unfortunately, this is a known bug. The small palm trees are currently not dropping them as intended, regardless of which tool one uses or their tier. You can see further details of this issue in the thread below if you wish:

This is listed as being fixed in the upcoming patch. So it shouldnt be toooo much longer now.

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It’s been a little while since I need vines so I was unaware of that bug

@Mr.Crom I know exactly what you mean, I could count the total number of times Ive used vines on one hand. I actually happened upon this by chance while harvesting bark.

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