Unable to harvest vines in Exiled Lands

Have tried harvesting the little vine covered trees (and their non-vine-covered neighbours) and the underwater plants (in case it’s now like Siptah) (have even gone into the jungle and tried harvesting the actual hanging vines - but they’re just scenery).

Have tried using Pick, Hatchet, Skinning Knife, Sickle, Pickaxe (and black blood/star metal versions in case it was just a lower drop chance).

Nothing appears to harvest vines.

Unless someone else can think of something else to try, this appears to be an unintended side-effect of the change to harvesting resin/bark from trees.

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Take your horse for a run along the seashore.
take a sickle and dive. Vines are now subaquatic vegetation. vertical Algae.

Unfortunately, that’s only on Siptah. As I mentioned above, in the exiled lands the underwater plants do not produce vines when harvested with a sickle - they only produce plant fibre.

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You can sickle the small palm trees for it I believe. Or pickaxe them? or both.

As drachenfeles says (and as I mention in the bug report above) - in current testlive version on the Exiled Lands - palm trees (and underwater plants) do not produce vines when harvested with hatchet, pick, sickle, skinning knife or pickaxe. At present it does not appear that it is possible to obtain vines in the Exiled Lands from any source.

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I was able to get vines from a chest in Testlive. But not from direct harvesting. So they are still showing up in loot tables, but that seems to be about all.


Thank you - I hadn’t been able to find any in chests so far, but wondered if there might still be some that way. Makes sense that harvest and loot would be on different lists.

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I tested a bit today on Testlive and also can NOT find anything that gives vines, I also hit every thing underwater plant with all tools as someone had suggested it was under water but nothing in all 4 ends of the maps and the middle, cold area and volcano, tested all flowers, tree, bushes, underwater plant, all special flowers. The little vine like trees now produce resin and bark instead of vines.

I did as @Bodin had, I did find 2 vines in a chest, I ran around and checked chests in 5 thrall camps, set city and the volcano so they are in the loot tables but seem very scarce. I really hope this is a bug from making resin drop from all trees and not intended but hopefully someone from Funcom will let us know Monday.


Hey there,

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ve sent note to our team so they can look into it.


That’s great, thank you :slight_smile:

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I have experience the same. I am playing single player, original map.

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