Apart from the wiki, how can I see the values of armors before I craft them?

The armor bench doesn’t show you the armor values of armor pieces you’re about to craft. How am I supposed to make an informed choice what I need or want to produce to upgrade from my current armor?

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Try youtube… place values on a text,along with any other info u like (lets say the armourer that crafts its flawless version, or the attributes bonus u get) copy to clipboard, craft a note with a dagger, place it above ur armourers bench , paste the text,.and u have a great info right at the place u crafting em…

Does the note accept 25 pages of text?

If I am not wrong each note takes 3k letters… but u can surelly craft way more than 25 notes , I am pretty sure :wink:

So in short, there is no in-interface way to tell how much armor each piece gives? I suppose you can look them up in the Feats interface…

Prob not , at least not one that I am aware of…

Well, that’s disappointing and it’s such a ridiculously easy thing to add.

Correct, there’s no way to look at their values from the armorer bench. Which is especially annoying in case of exceptional and/or flawless armor.

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It just boggles the mind how this is still the case a year after the full release…

Well, I know what I’m using the office printer for next. What a time to be alive, printing in-game info like it’s 1994.


Yes, I look them up in the feats interface under the armor or weapon category I’m looking for. Once you get used to it, it’s quick.

It’s just a stupid design choice to have the values in Feats but not in the actual crafting interface, and given how simple it should be to fix, I’m just confused it’s still the way it is.

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If you go into the Feats screen and look up the armors you can make it shows all the values, including temp resistance. Yes, there is no question that these values need to be on the crafting screen for armors and weapons and it would be a very smart QOL change to put that in.

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I agree, and this have indeed been discussed before.

There are problems to know what to craft, it is also impossible to make out if an item is legendary, epic, flawless etc without knowing it beforehand.

This is important stuff, and also regarding loot.
You actually may end up dismantling legendary stuff just because the icons dont differ from a normal one.

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