Recipies- What am I making...?

I’ve trained my toon in armor crafting and can see all the armor I can make on the armor bench, but there isn’t a way for me to tell what the stats are on the armor pieces that I can make…

What good is it to learn a recipe only to find that you don’t know what it is your making???

Sure I can make heavy armor, but I’d like to know what armor has the highest armor value and know what bonus (strength, encumbrance,…) stats are included.

The way it is now, it’s like having a cook book full of cake recipes that are divided into vanilla (heavy armor), chocolate (medium armor), lemon (light armor) cakes and you wanting to make some vanilla cake…but when you open the cook book to the vanilla cake section you see that there are 10 different vanilla cake recipe’s to choose from, each with an ingredient list to choose from but…no way of telling what kind of vanilla cake your going to be making.

If you learn a recipe…wouldn’t you know what it is that your making or at the very least after making one of the armor pieces, couldn’t the game track that you’ve made the piece and update your recipe to know show you the stats…instead of having to rely on an add-on or keeping a personal log at home?

Maybe I’m missing something in the game, if there is a way of knowing what stats (all stats) that a piece of armor has before I make it please tell me.

I can’t imagine that the crafting system is that vague and frustrating.

I didn’t check, but does this happen with Weapons, shields, bows,… as well?

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Look in the feat window. When you have the feat selected, then look at all the recipes on the side. It’ll have stats.

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I believe this suggestion being discussed would be a solution to this problem:

I go into “Feats” to see what the damage or stats are.