Easy access recipes in the menu

We REALLY should have a faster way to select recipes in our crafting window / working stations. Consider this example, you want to craft a Black Hand Vest in your armorer bench, this recipe requires some leather and a Light Chest Padding.

The Light Chest Padding is another recipe crafted in this same station, it would be extremely helpful if we could simply click on the required recipe and the selection box would automatically choose it, then we could just craft it without searching it through list… even better if the system was smart enough to record the previous recipe we had (the Black Hand Vest) and automatically return to it once the chest padding is finished

Searching through extended lists is really annoying, Funcom needs to make this easier…

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This is brilliant. If we have a recipe… we should be able to click on end recipe and it just auto configures if we have the mats and if we do, then viola it just builds the one item at the pace of the combined build to save us all the hunting and pecking. This needs to happen.

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