Better Recipe Crafting List

As a new player, one of the problems I’ve had is trying to figure out how to create certain items. There is sometimes no indication whatsoever regarding the components required, or where to make it.

e.g. Brick, Compost Heap, Steel, etc.

Without googling, there is nothing in my UI that tells me that Brick is made in the furnace using Stone, etc. Or that I can make Compost using a combination of putrid meat, plant fibre and bonemeal.

Suggestion 1: Allow players to view ‘unlocked’ recipes at the specific crafting station. If you don’t intend to show the full list of craftable recipes, then maybe give players an option to ‘discover’ the recipe via creating it for the first time. After ‘discovering’ the recipe, the recipe should show up permanently at the crafting station, or in the Feats list.

Suggestion 2: Make all known recipes searchable or browseable in the UI.

Suggestion 3: Show full stats of an item before you craft it. e.g. Defense/armorpiercing values of crafted shields/weapons. Potion effects, etc.