Add weapon & gear stats to crafting screen

when crafting an item, please make the pertinent information about the item visible to the crafter.
ie: damage, armor pen, various stat bonuses, durability, grade, resistances, etc

We shouldn’t have to look up each piece on gamepedia. it really kills the immersion

*This would include all DLC items as well


I think the lack of information is meant to be intentional. I mean, the game doesn’t tell you anything off the bat, you need to go/create/build/attack everything yourself to figure out what literally anything actually does. The game doesn’t want to tell you, it wants you to figure it out first hand.

In that light, looking everything up on a wiki should be immersion killing because you’re doing the opposite of what the game wants you to do.


or look up item in perk description, it’s not all the data, but you have basic grasp

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would love this too, if i can craft it, i should know what it is i’m making.


I mean… that’s not really how life works though.
Yeah, you know what you’ll be making, or at least what you want to make, but you’ll never know how good a project will actually turn out until you’ve actually finished it, held it in your hands.

You don’t know that the things you tossed into a pan to cook will actually taste good until you’ve put it in your mouth, so why should you psychically know how sharp a sword is gonna be untill you’ve held one in your hands or how much of a beating it can take until you’ve tried swinging it at something?

It’s kinda fitting that Crom is the god who taught people how to work steel, because he’s also the god who wants us to go and learn and experience things on our own to figure out how to survive in the world, while all the other gods spoonfeed you all the things you want to know, acting as a crutch and making you weaker for it.

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YES Please!!!

That would be a wonderful little Quality of Life improvement, even if it were just the numerical value in the lower right corner of the picture, or alongside the items name. Although going back and adding it to every single item, vanilla and dlc alike would likely prove VERY time consuming. So while I like and support the idea…please dont get your hopes up. Sorry Tiny, Im just saying. :worried:


Because forcing players to use a wiki guide on the web is intuitive?

You aren’t forced to use it, you can choose to if you want, but I’d argue that you’re robbing yourself of the experience the game is meaning to provide. The stats are all there in game, you just gotta find them first.
You gotta figure it out, the same way you do with everything else in the game. It’s a very deliberate bit of game design element that maybe not everyone likes but asking them to change it is a bit like asking the Master Chief to stop shooting Grunts. Just Grunts. You’re fine with him killing the rest of the covies, just not grunts. Why?

Why ask Funcom to change one thing they don’t tell you, if you’re not gonna ask them to spell out every little thing and ruin a cornerstone of this game’s gameplay, which is “Figure it out on your own. It’s good for you.

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I think it’s a great idea, it’s so boring to have to look for on the wiki everytime :smiley: (or in the feats menu)

The damage of DLC weapons is the same of star-metal ones, so… come on, it’s not so time consuming… I don’t know.

Maybe Funcom could make a tool to let the community help in these easy tasks?


actually, all stats for every object you create would be available to the ui developer without any changes. they just need to add some text widgets to display the information, which is trivial

(i say this as a sr dev w/ 35+ yrs in the field)

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Its not so much the “stats” Its the Cold/Heat parts… having to constantly go look in perk page (its abit slow to scroll on ps4) Just such a silly thing…

To me, that stats of 8 def and 10 def… isn’t huge or really important.

It be great QoL to see heat/cold itlest.

Being forced to use a wiki every 5min isn’t very enjoyable. It didn’t repel me when I began playing the game in EA where I just told myself “Well I guess they didn’t yet do a noob-friendly polishing pass”. But now, 3 years later, nothing has changed. Funcom can only look at themselves for how bad the game (sadly, wasted potential) is doing because the new players do not get any hints and have to navigate thru a very painful UI where very little is detailed, how do you expect them to stick to the game (and I’m not even mentioning the bugs).

A massive UX/UI improvement pass need to be done.

If that is indeed the case (I would not know personally) then I am all for it Tiny. It just sounded like a lot of work on paper.

Yeah three years going and still adding content. It is doing sooooooo bad.

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While I like this idea, what other people say also kind of holds true, maybe make it so that the first time you make it the stats don’t show up and after it’s made once because you’ve made it before you know how to get the result you want etc…

there weird balance between… no hand holding, (which I like) and making sure the player has idea how things work.

Some of them (decay) very punishing if your not aware how they work.
Not knowing what armors do…Its not world ending, or game breaking, havign to make a piece of armor and looking at it.

Its QoL (quality of life) to add heat or cold to menu. Cause really (as mention) 22def and 19def isnt a huge gap… Its kinda nice to hide that part.

Sandstorm … it be nice if damage ramped up… Its pretty lethal, kinda hands you free deaths… ever have bed roll not in right spot and die several times. XD

Few changes need to happen, none of its really “worst game ever” cause of it.

If the stats shown in the perks could also be shown in the crafting stations, you wouldn’t have to keep switching between the 2, which in turn would enable you explore/hunt/craft even more. I allways found this aspect of crafting unusual and time consuming…

I agree that it’s weird, as I said, maybe the stats could display after crafting the item once. I’ve played a couple of games like that, where until you create something once you don’t know what it does unless you’ve already played through before and remember but the stats still won’t show up until after the first creation. They are right that it’s a weird balance between handholding and a quality of life thing. While I don’t like handholding in games which this game does a really good job of avoiding I’d still like to know the effects of what I’m creating once I’ve done it one time. That goes with armors, weapons, food, potions etc… It’s kind of like the story part of your personal menu, you don’t know what they do but you know of them until you complete them then it gives you a little extra information. Ie: climb etc…

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i could see having to craft something of that level and from then on the stats are shown… and not having to create a single item for every DLC item out there just to know it’s the same as X with a skin change

the stat line should still be shown but its value would be ‘unknown’

of course, doing this would mean extra data would have to be held (whether or not you’ve unlocked the stats), and that’s more work then adding a bit of text to the description

*note: after considering the item description on multiple types, i’m guessing the entire thing is a rich text widget. this means, they would only have to add additional items to the description list and make sure it doesn’t overflow. shrink the font a little could insure this.