Please make weapon and armor stats visible

I’m really liking the new armor and weapon system and bonuses but please make it easier to see what they are in game (either in the feats/knowledge or crafting screens).

Right now I have to either research them on the web or waste mats/knowledge points to build them (annoying).


Yes I would rather not have to waste points and materials something not wanted.


Yup, never made any sense to me why the stats couldn’t be displayed on the crafting screen even up to now… Always had to tab out and double-check the wiki before crafting anything to see if I remembered right which stats it gave.
And yes, that should definitely apply to the feats/knowledge section too, full item card needs to be visible, how else would you know whether or not you want to spend points on that?


yes please and while i understand that it may not be easy to change the tooltip of every armor and weapon in the game, this isn’t exactly new, always having to look for external links to know what stats certain item gives.


if you got thrall war dungeon mod on , it will do just that for you its not hard … even in modding it was easier then we thought just grab data from item table … put it on the display … all funcom has to do really is just add a button call detail and then let it open a widget up and show what the armor stats of it is …

but they want to make it community effort … so just wait til 3.0 comes out with the mod and we can delve with that alone.

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There actually used to be a way to see what bonus attributes armor sets gave you, but involved like… looking at a specific part of the feats/recipes window and really, really obtuse and was super easy to miss which is why it’s understandable if it is widely unknown. Its been gone for a while though after some adjustment to the feat window.

This is an essential feature.

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