Adding Armor Bonus Information to Crafting

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know when I want to craft a certain armor for a specific bonus (or build type), I have to consult charts and webpages outside of the game. It would be helpful, that when looking over recipes (whether in the Feats tab for which armor one would like to learn) and/or in the crafting Armorer’s Bench (and the Improved Armorer’s Bench) that armor recipes would display what bonus is associated with them. We can see armor bonuses on already crafted armor, but it would be helpful to provide that information before we “waste” resources or have to go outside the game to find the information.


Why stop at armor. I often wanted this for weapons, so I could tell whether crafting a different one was worth it over just repairing my current one.


Yess! I’ve got tired of searching wiki for this information. If you can craft it then you know the main facts about it I think.

Yeah. this feels like its not thought through. The feat tabs show the damage protection values and weather protection but not the additional bonus it grants you. Why do we have to look in a wiki for that? Also please not just show the attribute it adds. Show how much it adds!!

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This information should definitely be in the game. agreed.

Yes please.

yes pleaase, having to search for stats whether it be for cold/hot stats, or weapon damage should be displayed in the crafting menu’s, instead of going to outside sources or to go through multiple tabs and menus to find out the differences .

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