See armor / weapon stats in bench BEFORE crafting (mod)

Hey all,

The other day I threw this into another topic I made, but figured it was kinda getting lost there so might as well get the word out a bit and at least make a topic about it.
Sooo, long story short I managed to create a very tiny mod that displays the special stats of armor and weapons in the bench in a fairly seamless manner.
Like so:

Anyway, just wanted to get the word out a bit as I know this was something that was highly missed from the original interface. I only wish it came years ago lol :smiley:

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Now this is QoL.
Thank you for all the effort!


It was not.
For me at least, when I saw it I immediately started using your mod! :laughing:


Yea but you were already in that thread :smiley: Due to the way the forums work though it’s very easy to miss stuff if you’re not already tracking a thread :slight_smile:


I freaking love this! Thank you, Xevyr! :metal: :grin:


Very nice, now I am jealous, since I play on Officials. Why cannot Funcom do this if it was that easy?


While in hindsight it wasn’t “too hard” though there are some tricks at work, for Funcom it would be way easier obviously since they can just make it a regular part of the interface :joy:
Who knows, maybe it the mod version becomes popular that’ll be a hint for them, it’s not unheard of that they implemented popular functions from mods into their game :slight_smile:


Whoops, you are right! :rofl:

With MODS: Conan Exiles 3.03

Without MODS: Conan Exiles 0.303 EA

What do you mean 3.03? :smiley: more like… 5.6.0!!! sometimes we’re even fixing what aint broken :smiley:

I guess so, but i can see these stats in single player mode.

Admin- spawn item, see stats

No mod needed.

I mean that kinda defeats the purpose… You can also see them on the wiki, it’s not like the stats were a secret… and if you’re admin spawning them then you don’t really need to craft them anymore do you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well on officials we cant do that- so i use single player to find out.


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Admin Spawned items only have standard stats. I still prefer to craft them with a specialist crafter thrall to get the bonuses he / she gives. But I’m not a big fan of uncraftable legendary weapons and armors and tools, that’s why I prefer to craft them.
I Tested your mod yesterday and I think I’ll love it. No need to Alt-Tab to the CE WIki to check the stats of weapons or armors before deciding witch one to craft. That’s really an improvement to QoL.


Thanks! :slight_smile: Glad you like it

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@Dana and rest of communitty of FC this mod needs to go live asap!!! This kind of qol is what is considered improvement!!!

Can we please introduce it in game???

@Xevyr what u did is amazing!!! Ty ty ty!!!

Plz FC include this in ur game!!! Get us a micropatch for this!!!

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It is a nice QoL addition, I am using it, but I feel it is not neccessary in the basegame. Probably with a change: the armor should show it’s bonus (only the bonus, such as STR weapon damage, etc. and armor value, no special/hidden features) in the knowledge tab. Warrior mutator mod does this, and it would fit more in the game I think.
As a mod, it is wonderful, but if you get every information before even using it once, it feels like the game holds your hands for you. We should have to experiment a bit!

I have no problems with experimenting a bit, as long as the game is equipped to provide us with accurate data based on that experimentation. Currently, it is not.

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Yeah, now you have no idea what they provide even if you learned the recipe, only if you craft and equip, or admin spam them yourself.
That’s why I said such stats should be displayed in the knowledge menu. It is a survival game, not a tutorial. If you just loot an armor piece why should you know what it does just by looking at it?
AFTER you learned how to make it, what it costs, of course you will know what it provides. In the knowledge menu. Not in a chest, not in the armorer’s bench.

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I find that various people have various different views on what constitutes a survival game and which features should that include as well as where Conan places on that spectrum :slight_smile:

For example I feel that Conan had very light survival elements in the first place, but a lot of those got way easier over the years. I remember when you could barely make it from the starting area down to the river without dying of hunger / thirst even if you optimized your bugs :smiley: and surviving in general was more of a challenge.

Nowdays you can just stroll down, casually punching imps on the way and have a nice grilled steak before you even remotely get in a dangerous spot, after which you can build up very easily - so the PvE environment became way less of a challenge… and I really don’t think it’s just because we got “better at it”, there have been legit changes along the way that made things easier periodically.

In another thread I compared it to something like the newly remade Green Hell VR (VR port of the old green hell game with some fixes here and there and a VR control system). There, if you don’t watch your step a tiny spider bites you in the shrubs and you die… If you don’t know what plants counter which infections or how to sterilize your drinking water… you die… if you get a tiny wound and don’t treat it… it gets infected… you die… You get the idea :smiley:
So in that context I really wouldn’t call Conan a survival game anymore, but more like a mainstream sandbox RPG with a hunger system.

As for recipes, yea this was just something that’s been bugging me forever, as it’s really not adding any layer of “depth” imo… it’s just annoying that you have to tab out to the wiki and often spend hours comparing different armors that you can already craft, simply because you can’t see their stats ingame, so I really can’t see the survival element in this… I always saw it as bad game design and while the design might have been the “excuse” for it, I am sure that the main reason was that the interface is old and they simply didn’t update it. - If it was a purposeful “secrecy” thing by design, then it wouldn’t show you armor value either pre-crafting :stuck_out_tongue: when that interface was made… that was the ONLY stat armors had :slight_smile:

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