See armor / weapon stats in bench BEFORE crafting (mod)

Well, the survival aspect of the game got smaller and smaller, I agree. I tried with settings/mods, and it is better now.

Usually when I’m bored I read the wiki about armors, and when I see something I make a note, and craft them later when playing. So I have a LOT of full and mismatched sets to wear. :laughing:

Just updated the mod:

  • Fixed an issue that caused it to not work for some players until they died and respawned (if you previously tried it and you didn’t see any change in your armorer bench - this was most likely the cause)
  • Made the UI display data in a more instant and responsive fashion
  • Added user-side ability to enable unsupported stations as well simply by renaming the station to have -aws anywhere in the station name (the modder support still remains, but this way you can force-enable stations whose authors haven’t implemented the compatibility method I previously offered)
  • Added armor penetration for weapons / harvest power for tools
  • Enabled the functionality (and implemented stats) for alchemy benches so that you can see what bonuses each potion grants before crafting
  • Enabled the functionality for the saddler table too, it just shows the default tags of whether a saddle is speed, maneuverability or defense oriented, but it can still be useful (was requested)

Cheers :slight_smile:


Console player

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