Game is at bad state its actually ridiculous - Many bugs people make memes out of it

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You do have the right to give feedback on the game. And as this is a discussion board, we have the right to give feedback when you are spouting hyperbolic malarkey. You know, like calling the game broken, when it clearly is not.


Yes that’s right we have right to speak but You are clearly deviate from topic with stupid taunts and if you have something to say in topic just go ahead

  • by the way saying “No its not, my gaaem works fin3!” (no argument at all) is not talking topic - more like arguing on like twelve years old in kindergarden.

Ahh, good ol’ “blame the user” :rofl:

Good design makes things self explanatory. Good design is made by those who use common sense and wide spread basic, real world knowledge .
FUNCOMs game design - put a description like “Bread is baked from various mixtures of dough and water” and then let players figure out they have been fooled, because then don’t need any water (despite game having several “water” ingredients) and any “dough” - because there is no “dough” (but that players would have to find out themselves) and all they need is a bunch of seeds(?!) put into the furnace(?!). :rofl:

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That is a target audience question. I won’t play games with tutorials; hard stop. After about 5 min of forced explanation, I stop playing. After a 15 min opening cinematic, I not only stop playing, I’m pretty irritated. People forget that the most successful game franchises started their games with literally no explanation (Mario anyone?). I don’t need to be told how to make brick for example. The mere fact that its a required ingredient for something I want to craft is enough for me to want to go figure it out. That’s the game when you first play it. Its actually a shame people can look it all up online. If you know where everything is and how to get it, the mystery is gone and a lot of the fun goes with it. That’s how we wind up in “legendaries are useless” discussions. If there wasn’t a wealth of min/max descriptions out there, people would be excited when they found lovetap or the spear of the black circle. I know I was when I first started playing.

Absolutely not the case… and you’re directing that at literally the worst place you could :smiley:
I don’t agree with all of their choices when hiding information, I even called out Dennis on it in a thread and then proceeded to actually address one of those things myself

However… given the game genre… bricks are simply not one of those things.

In a survival game you’re supposed to use intuition to throw things together and see if they stick, that’s pretty much one of the core concepts of the genre…

Example: Stumbling on an Aloe plant and realizing that “Maybe I can use this for healing somehow” and then you try to cook it / mash it / eat it… until something works.
And that’s how it used to be btw, healing potions were a hidden recipe of the cauldron, you had to throw 10 Aloe leaves in and turn on the fire (cauldrons used to operate with fuel and had no preset recipes)

what we’re playing atm is actually an RPG… slowly the survival elements have been tamed or removed, these being one of the last few in existence.

So no, I’m not “blaming the user”, perhaps blaming them for thinking they’re playing a different game :man_shrugging: but not for it being a “bug”.

When applicable though and when I do think they should provide more information, then I speak up as you see in the linked thread above.

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What exacerbates the issue is the game still runs on some legacy systems. In 2017, Conan Exiles was a totally different game. It was a simpler game, and thus systems where you can just throw mats into a furnace or pot till something comes out worked. Now with over a thousand recipes, that isn’t feasible.

One of my biggest complaints is the tiers of weapons between levels 10 and 50. That is the most Pain in the Ass newbie trap I have ever seen. A newbie is going to want to upgrade their iron broadsword to a stygian khopesh. Why not? Its 2 more damage. 16 dmg to 18 dmg. Sounds alright.

Then they will get the cutlass. Then the longsword, the falcata, and then the ancient sword. If they’re not paying attention (which is easy for a newbie to do), they’ll get the hardened steel sword too.

49 knowledge points spent on all that. In a level range where they really could use those points for more important things.

The smart newbie when they get to epic weapon tiers will realize… hey… I don’t need these 49 points spent. Use a lotus potion, get Warrior and One-Handed Weapons Epic and spend only 14 points instead of 63.

And that irritates the crap out of me. Like the weapons NOW have a use with illusions. But not 49 knowledge points worth.

In my server’s mod, I rebalanced the weapons into tiers. And you need all the tiers. They’re grouped up into types and tier, so you have one handed weapons, two handed weapons, skirmisher weapons (daggers, javelins, and throwing axes), shields, and bows. I didn’t want to change TOO much how things were categorized and I wanted mod compatibility. But in addition the weapons are grouped into tiers. Stone, Iron, Steel, Hard Steel, and Star Metal. You need the previous tier to advance to the next.

Thus if you focus on swords, you get all the one handed weapons across the different tiers in one line of feats.

THAT is how the weapon feat trees should look.

Now I had to compromise on some weapons. Like for example the Stygian Khopesh and Iron Broadsword are Iron Tier. I lowered the Khopesh’s damage to be lower than the broadsword, but increased its armor pen slightly. This way there is a choice beyond just visual. Same thing with Ancient Weapons in Steel Tier, they no longer have more damage than Hardened Steel, in fact they have less damage than most steel weapons (same tier) but have more armor pen then before. I justified that since Armor pen isn’t exactly king at those lower levels unless you’re fighting rhinos and rocknoses. So you the choices aren’t so pigeonholed. And of course Hardened Steel and Star Metal are in their own tiers already so I left them alone. For bows, I included non specialist ammunition into the bow feats.

The end result is you can reliably focus on two weapon trees while leveling and still get the basics of survival and construction. If you want deco, you’ll need to sacrifice a weapon tree. So there’s still choices that need to be made.

The end result is eliminating this weird, “I’m going to focus on making this particular thing, until I’m 60 and then can know ALL endgame stuff.” And instead gives something a bit more progression oriented. And with the illusion addition, those mandatory feats don’t seem as arbitrary.

I’m actually surprised Funcom hasn’t done this themselves yet. The weapon feats are legacy from early access. From a game that very few played. But it isn’t exactly a quick process. This actually took me the better part of 2 weeks and a few spreadsheets to work out.


You can get as mad as you want. It wasn’t off topic, YOU took the time to include the thing about bricks in your post. If you take someone reiterating what YOU posted as a taunt, maybe you should think more about what you post.

And you posted some videos of isolated bugs to support your stance that this is some horribly broken game. And it’s simply not the case.


Eh there are a ton of aspects of the game that are broken and most of them pvers wouldn’t even know. I’m just surprised the money from the cash grabs aren’t going towards improving bugs/exploits but I guess that’s to much to ask.


Exactly. I was really positive when they announced more monetization BUT a lot more developement.
It was lie and it seems all that money went to greedy execs pockets instead of game developement and im not even talking about bugs exclusively but even new content is not coming.

It was just cash grab and i won’t spend penny on that game unless it changes (which i doubt)


Pvp is in actual trash state right now. Servers are atrociously laggy, double jump encumbrance 1 shot kills, bad perk system, zombies, dagger spam , dozens of game breaking bugs, etc.
Devs make us wait til a new chapter every 4-5 months with no communication on upcoming fixes.
There needs to be MINIMUM 1 patch a month to address bugs. Not spending 1 more cent on this game in this abysmal state.
Shame on the current dev tram, shame.


Even that seems extreme. (outside of the PC immersion)

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:100: now that would be a live service game

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I think its worth to refresh this thread… I played for 2 days (had some fun pvping) and amount of bugs and problems i step on is unacceptable for a game that is NOT in alpha / beta state.

C’mon people wake up already, it was cash grab, they are not gonna care more about game - they will just milk people even more with expensive skins.


Then do not play, move on. You do not have to participate in the “cash grab”, nobody is forcing you.
As others have pointed out, not all of us encounter these “bugs”.

Playing with one gig of ram on an outdated console maybe just does not work anymore.

I love that game and i have right to complain / give feedback.

Get oout again with that taunts - no i don’t play on console but high end pc.

Nobody needs to “wake up.” Most of us here have thousands of hours in this game. We know what we are playing and what we are paying for. Your approval is in no way needed.


Nobody is forcing you to say anything in these threads yet here you are


It’s funny because I wouldn’t be so vocal if I didn’t enjoy the game but this is true until proven otherwise. Hardly any bug fixes but they have time to produce more skins/p2w items… :moneybag:


And here you are. What is your point?