Zero communication

The game is broken in so many different ways, it would take hours for me to list all of the bugs and game breaking issues. The only problem they even acknowledged, was the nemedian foundation issue, in which their “fix” did more harm than good as many players lost years of progress due to incompetence and lack of testing. Since then , radio silence. Does anyone even work on this game anymore? You as developers should be ashamed of yourselves, your standard practice of sweeping problems under the rug hoping we’ll forget about them isnt going to work this time. The game is broken and can barely be played as intended. At least acknowledge that you are aware of the problems and working to fix them. If the bazaar has any issues it gets a hotfix immediately, but invisible npcs, bases completely dissappearing, and constant disconnects are no big deal right? You are still making money on this game, so how about you start doing the job you are being paid to do?


Well if my creation had wrecked the village, and everyone was standing out side my gate with torches and pitchforks, I’d be afraid to put my head out the door too.


I completely agree, if there is a problem where it involves them making money, they will quickly fix it, but ongoing issues since age of sorcery dont get fixed.

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everyone just needs to do a mass uninstall and quit playing the game on consoles it just feels like consoles are abandoned with no meaningful updates unless it involves the bazaar :unamused:

Agree, all it would take would be 90% of console players to do that. Good luck.

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