Some recipes not showing up unless in creative mode

The only way I see the recipes I had given this character is in admin mode (specifically, the ones I gave myself while in creative mode).

What recipes?

Did you learn them by finding them in the world or just noticed they’re not in the knowledge window?

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This is a test character, so it’s not a big deal since he is only for solo experiments, but I gave myself enough points to just give myself all recipes. They only show up if in creative mode.

I did this when the game stopped allowing me to use all recipes when checking the related box in the admin panel.

You still haven’t said what recipes though. Is this a bug report or just thinking out loud?

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Did you merely give yourself enough knowledge points or did you actually spend those knowledge points on all the necessary feats?

Also, some of the feats cannot be learned by spending knowledge points. Instead, you have to go get them in the world (or alternately spawn a scroll for them and consume it).

This is why the creative mode was added to the game, to make it easier to access all the recipes without having to learn them “the hard way”.

I hope this helps. If it still doesn’t solve your problem, then I would suggest following the correct steps to file an actual bug report. One of those steps is to properly describe the problem. Another is to describe the steps to reproduce it.

I purchased all of the base game feats with the points I gave myself

And you’re saying some of those base game feats are not showing up? If so, you’ll need to explain:

  • where they don’t show up (e.g. in the construction hammer UI, in the artisan bench recipe list, etc.)
  • which ones don’t show up

To make it easier to understand, I recommend including screenshots.

If you can post a list of steps to reproduce the bug, even better.

Good points for me to research. Thank you.

Regarding what I now know, they don’t show up at all when I am in the build menu (i.e., drawbridge, beds don’t show up unless in creative mode). As far as I can tell, the only ones that don’t show up are specifically the ones I gave myself with the cheat points from the admin panel.

I’m learning how to set up my own server now and will explore as I go … which will likely be lengthy as I don’t have all cylinders firing since my string of strokes, lol /sigh

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There we go! Thank you, now I can help explain what went wrong :smiley:

In normal gameplay, i.e. outside creative mode, not all placeables can be built and placed using the construction hammer. Many are, but others are crafted in different crafting benches.

For example, the drawbridge is crafted in the carpenter’s bench, and most of the beds are crafted in whichever artisan bench you prefer to have.

The creative mode makes it all available via the construction hammer UI to make it easy to just build stuff without fuss.

If you want to build something outside of the creative mode, and you’re not sure where or how, you can always look it up in the description of the feat:


Thanks so much!

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