Not seeing any recipes in work stations following updates

I use a golden lotus potion after the update last night, re-learned all of my feats and picked up the new highest tier crafting table feats, and then built all of the advanced crafting stations. I’m not seeing any recipes in any of the tables now, even including my old blacksmith and armorer tables. With a couple of minor exceptions - the Precision Carpenter Bench is showing elevators and animal pens and the Precision Alchemists’ Bench is showing four expansion fodders (e.g. Yamatai Fodder). The new smelter and tanning benches work when I put resources in them, so those seem fine.

Any idea why I’m not seeing any of my weapon, tool, or armor recipes, or any of their components? I’ve learned all the feats.

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Hey, probably you opened your inventory and clicked to ur right ( where all the crafting recipes are) on such an icon above ? Theres a sword, shield hand fish and house icon. If one of them is unchecked it won’t show up all recipes for that category in crafting stations too. Otherwise might be mods corrupting it?

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