Missing recipes

Hello, kids.

I’m glad to say you that this is a mavellous game I love. But I have some problema yo play the game.

Some recipes do not appear in the corresponding workbenches. At the moment, the insulating wood does not appear in the workbench; and the perfected padding doesn’t appear on the gunsmith’s bench either. Both are improved benches. I thought I should put in a proper tier 4 thrall, but still not. The only way to make them appear is to be an administrator and remain as such, so the game experience is not what it should be.

Could you help me?
Thank you for all.
See you later.

Welcome to forum, Mordani.
For insulated wood you must have Journeyman Mason feat (under Knowledge/ Construction) unlocked.
For perfected paddings You must have Exile Epic armor feat (under Knowledge/Armor) unlocked. You can make perfected paddings on Improved or higher tier Armorer workbenches.
Make sure You have said^^ knowledge feats unlocked .
Also check if you don’t have any filter set on workbench You are using.


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