Armour recipes missing

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Type of issue: [Bug]
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[All my options in the armourers bench are perfected category. However it now says you need (for example) 2 crafting materials + gauntlets to create ‘perfected gauntlets’. The option to create standard gauntlets has vanished so you cant create perfected. This applies to all armour options.
Also other others recipes have vanished completely - I have the sandmask selected (feats) and now it no longer shows.

In case my above description is confusing - Standard Heavy Gauntlets require Standard Heavy Gauntlets to make Standard Heavy Gauntlets - You cant make therm without somehow magically having them in the first place. - Game Breaking Bug.

Basically I craft armour anymore so the game is unplayable.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. I’m unsure. Everytime I start my Single Player game this bug is happening. I have changed to 4 different types of armourers but the options remain the same.

You need to have the normal armour bench to craft those standard items.
The improved armour benches where you craft the perfected and level 60 epic armour items and the layered silk etc do NOT have the recipes for crafting the base/standard items.
And yes more than a little annoying that you suddenly have to have two armourer benches.

Thank you so much - I actually just tested that before checking my post. I was thinking theres no way they would have you craft 2 benches when it was all available in one… but I guess thats how it is.

So that changed with the latest patch.

No, it has always been like this - at least since release - and it makes sense IMO, Imaging having all those armors in 4 different variations in just one crafting menu (epic/nonepic and standard quality/flawless or exceptionel quality)

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