Appearance changing

If you apply an appearance onto champions armor and it’s colored, the color doesnt apply and you can’t color it again. Since you can’t color the base item of champions armor.

Yes, it’s a known bug.
The game decides the availability of the Dye button based on the source item and not the illusion as it should.
The opposite is also true… if you illusion a dyeable armor to look like one that’s not dyeable, you will actually have the Dye button available but no dye channels so you’ll get a buggy interface if you press it.

So basically you’re dying to tell us that while dying the illusion of your non dyable armour, you discovered that it didn’t actually dye, essentially making this feature…dead? And then you were informed that using a non dyable illusion on dead/dying/dyable/or whatever(!) armour is also kind of a dead feature too, right? Good to know! I personally thought illusory armour pieces were dead useless, but I’m fine with being proven dead wrong and I’m dead set stoked that at least somebody is making use of them, even if half the applications are deader than disco…or my comedy routines.
Still, everyday I learn something new is a day I’m not completely dead useless. Now I can see that y’all are dying for me to GTFO, so I’m gonna split before it gets deadly 'round here…

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