Champion Armor illusion dye

So, I tried to make an outfit using the Champion armor as the base stats. You can’t dye anything that has been set to illusion on it. Can we please have the option to dye the illusion? I understand the champion armor isn’t dyable, but come on… are you really gonna lock the illusion too? I tried to work around this and see if the item can be dyed beforehand, nope… it just resets it to the default colors. This should really be able to work some how. Some of us want to use it for the cold/hot combination and since it takes scraps, it feels like a wasted bit of scraps only to find out it can’t be done.


I think it’s a case of “if you can dye the original, you can dye the illusion”. The game still considers it the base item (in your case, Champion armor), and if it didn’t have the Dye option before, the illusion won’t add that button to the UI.

I put a Noble Skirt illusion on some Voidforged Dragonhide and could dye it after the fact.

Quite sure you’re right, but that’d be a bug then, since illusion’ed items normally get the slots of the illusion not the source item.

Agreed… it would be nice to have this option. Fortunately, after the patch, some of the other stuff was able to be used. I really only used the champion armor because redeemed legion was unavailable. It is now. That being said, I still wasted some scraps on an armor I can’t customize. I could have put those towards saving for the godbreaker, but alas, I can’t now. :unamused:

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