Archer questions

hi all,

1- does it differ using light or heavy attack with bows? i see the same animation

2- while melee weapons have 4 moves for a full combo, do the archers have 3 moves? like 2 fast and 1 slow animation

3- does the strength perks “salting the wound” and “slice and dice” work with bows and arrows?

4- can we poison a standart arrow like we do for melee weapons? for example star metal arrow, to work like snake arrows

thank you all.

  1. Heavy attacks deal more damage but it’s barely noticable. Probably because bows overall deal very little damage.
  2. Yes.
  3. I think so.
  4. No.

actually yes you can poison regular arrows.

I take one of whatever the highest damage arrow I can make, drag reaper poison onto it.
then use that arrow for all my archer thralls, because they then fire infinite poisoned starmetal or whatever.
and you don’t even need to leave the arrow in their inventory, so you can save it for new thralls.

I was wrong it’s not possible at this time.

Pretty sure they removed that ability. I made poison today and tried. It doesn’t work. I wasn’t able to do it in TestLive before official release either.
I tried individual arrows as well as stacks of arrows.

If you could upload a video demonstrating how, I’d appreciate that. I’d love to give my archers poisoned dragonbone arrows.

I typically test things before I post because I don’t want to disseminate misinformation, so if I’m ever wrong, please do correct me!

I just checked,
you’re right
it looks like they either removed it, or the old bug that stopped it before is back,
I still have a poisoned hardened steel arrow in my thall equipment chest, which is why I thought it could still be done.

I hope it’s the bug, because we archers have been nerfed enough,
I like the new combat, but I would rather be ranged.

Oh I agree. It would be great it if was a bug.
I like using a bow myself but it seems completely unviable at the moment.

thx for the reply, so i understand that we cant poison normal arrows for now, but what about thralls? do we need to change the bow and arrows they use or can we?, and what do you suggest pls

You can change the bow and arrows. Just take the old bow out of thier inventory and replace with a new bow already “loaded” with the type of arrow you want them to use. I suggest the Set arrows due to poison it stacks. Once you get a few stacks of poison, the poison damage “tick” ends up doing much more damage than any of the other arrows. Use the highest damage bow you can make/find.

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