Question: Default Thrall Bow Damage Without Ammo

So the question is are Thralls using Flint Arrows or they actually removing the 6 Damage as well so it’s only the Bow Damage + Skills and not the extra 6 from Flint Arrows?

This is of course when you don’t use Ammo. Just wanted to get my facts straight. Thanks :slight_smile:

when you dont stock them with arrows they grab them from the ‘air’ (just appear) and usually it is the crap flint ones or bone.

The question was, do they cause the damage of the bow + imaginary flint arrow, or just the bow.

if there is no ammo the thrall pulls it out of the air,so the answer is bow+ammo=damage

Have you tested this, or do you have a source that proves it?

I’m not saying you’re wrong, but the scientist in me requires evidence.

they shoot flintheads
damage seems to be constant with that of a same bow with flitheads

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This ^, From what I saw between Flint, Ivory, Dragon Bones. Is they fire Flint with or without flint arrows on them.

“from what I saw” Cause i’m on ps4, don’t have a method outside putting piece of paper up to my tv and marking the red health bars. XD

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