Thrall AI breaks when they run out of Ammo?

On two occasions i have had a thrall stop attacking after they ran out of ammo.

First instance an archer fired out all of his arrows and when i gave him more he still followed me and seemed to aggro on the enemies but he stopped attacking.

Second instance i gave a fighter thrall throwing axes and a 1h axe to dual-wield with. Everything worked fine until my thrall threw the last throwing axe in her inventory. After that she stopped attacking. She still aggroed on enemies but she stopped attacking.

Both times this happened i had the thrall on follow and was fighting in Mounds of the dead. I never managed to get them fighting again, i tried giving them other weapons, more ammo but nothing seemed to work. Anyone else experienced this?

I confirm this!

With bows I managed to fix this by unequiping the bow off the thrall and making sure i didn’t have any arrows in my inventory. The bow went to default arrows, I reequiped the thrall with it and it started attacking again. They have infinite flint arrows you see !

Never used throwing axes but i imagine since you cant unequip an 0 stack than you cant fix it this way with throwing axes. Maybe equipping a shield in that slot?

Regardless it is a bug and it happens when the thrall hits 0 ammo. My thrall still swapped to a melee weapon and attacked when the enemy was too close so its not all the thrall AI… just the bow no ammo part

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