Can Fighter Thralls shoot a bow?

So an archer thrall also use a melee weapon, but can a fighter thrall use a bow?

How do arrows work? Do we have to add arrows to either archer or fighter thralls and what slot do we put them in?

Also, how close does another Player have to be before either the Fighter thrall or the Archer thrall engage them?

What i did was I gave a fighter thrall a bow, put the arrows in his inventory and then put them behind a fence.

When an enemy player walked by 2 squares away the thrall just stood there and did nothing.

Yes they can. Just equip whatever arrow that you want them to use to the bow. They have infinite ammo so you don’t need to give them any arrows to go with it. Drag a dragonbone arrow to the bow and boom, they have infinite dragonbone arrows.

Most of the time thralls do not engage until the player takes damage. They won’t just attack your target when you do.

Also, I hear thralls won’t attack enemy players most of the time, even on PvP servers during raid times. But I have no experience with that myself.

They are quite usless, only helpfull in purge or maybe if other npc´s come to close il say.

Yeah, that seems to be true for a PvP base situation. Completely useless as they are now for any kind of base defense. Both fighters and archers.

I suppose an enemy player could destroy your whole base but if they don’t actually damage the thrall it will just stand there and watch them.

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Back when thralls still worked half fast, even a dancer could use a bow, or any other weapon you gave them.

My dancer uses a bow… when she gets tired of punching things (even though she also has a spear).

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