Are certain PVE-C servers down

Are certain PVE-C servers down at the moment?
I also noticed that all of my favorites are removed as well.
I was able to find my Siptah Save
But I am unable to find my server in the exiled lands.

Any help would be great.


I know PVE-C 1821 is down. I believe a block of them are down 1820-25.


I appreciate you. I was wondering!

Thank you @Tindeath

I submitted a ticket at funcom zendesk Hopefully it gets resolved soon .


Not me thinking I somehow deleted my save since last night and thankfully finding this. Thanks for confirming, guys! :slight_smile:

1822 has been down for four hours now. Really peeving me. 4 hours on a Sunday morning…

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It’s really still down? I submitted a ticket, too - and I got a canned ‘thanks for letting us know’ response with no indication as to why or when to expect it to be resolved. I had stuff I wanted to do today #sadface

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Seems still down. Damn it…
Time. 7:14pm Mtn time.
Both on Steam and PC game pass.