Are we going to get a actual region lock based on server region?

I was just wondering are we going to be an actual region lock that locks access to the server to the region is set to?

It’s clearly an option in the server setting, but I don’t think official servers are gonna do that

So the ping limit is not an issue with you and your friends not being in a different region?

so locking them out completely is better how?

I am just trying to understand the uneven method of a soft region lock for people outside of the region, but a hard lock on people who live in the region though may not be able to maintain a consistent 140 ping to get on a server in their own region.

Same here about the ping. Though with your ping you are in the same boat as with many others who can’t hit that perfect 140 ping at all times to be allow entry in most of the official servers .

I guess all that have less than perfect internet who don’t want to play on a player run server should have spent their money on another game that will allow them to play on the company run servers. I guess their money doesn’t count in the scheme of things.

I do find it funny that you see more non Americans (not in the Americas) playing on many American region servers for some reason. You can tell by the many languages in chat and player names on these servers that are not ones you normally see on in this region (Spanish, French, and English).

Try finding an empty no ping server at raid times then report back :frowning:

That is all you can do though hard if it is high population and the only option.

The servers are ping locked which is as close to a hard cap region lock that youre going to get. The ping lock is great though. You get on a west coast NA server and you dont have to worry about players from korea,china and france building on spawns,cheating and pillar pounding entire land masses.

Its a shame that the NA has a hard time playing with the folks in and around london etc. Because we tend to play the same but the above mentioned folks sure tend to be combative and unable to play without cheats.

Ill take this ping lock system over arks “customs office” servers any day of the week.

Language can be barrier. Ping lock nothing for this eirher.

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