[XBOX] Max Allowed 140 Ping WTF! Population is already near dead so lets split it!

Why Split the already super tiny playerbase and **** our friendships in the process?

My tribe came back to conan about two weeks ago. We still had our US server running strong but it was a dead server. We joined an active EU server only to now find we will be barred from playing with our friends.

Our tribe consist of old long time friends from both the US & UK. We have 6 from the UK & 9 from the US. Now more than half our tribe is barred from playing. I pull a 150 Ping on UK & have had no issues before.

This is BS and needs adressed as the playerbase is already super small.

This is just terrible, it’s like the launch into GPP on xbox all over again. At least that is how it feels.

And where are these so called “region free” servers.

I also see no ping limit on any other servers besides the EU ones!

I’d suggest finding or starting a private Xbox server. The ping locks will probably stay on officials, as it prevents some glitching that can be done by exploiting players. But if you run your own server, I believe you can modify the ping lock or disable it.

ping retriction need too be happend i dont want too get killed by somone whit a. high ping in a lag bubbel around him thats stop me from doing anything

Needs of the many (other players) outweigh the needs of the few (you). If you want to play with people around the globe, you need to find a server that doesnt have a ping lock.

I run an Xbox server and I run a ping lock because I do not want other players experience to be hindered by laggy folks.