Remove Direct Connection to Officials

Really simple.

As the topic says. Remove Direct Connection to Officials.

Server invasions, sweaty PvP stacks and racial animus destroying the community and pushing people away from PvP servers, not completely but certainly made better by removing it.

The ping limit is there to limit character warping and ensuring fair game play, yet you allow people to side step it. Ridiculous.

Regional servers make no sense with direct connection. Either REMOVE the restriction and go ham or remove the direct connection to Officials.

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I agree with you regarding ping and regional limit.

But the server list is very outdated and works poorly. Even though your own ping is fine, sometimes it maxes out without reason. So direct connect is required in order to bypass those problems.

Until it is improved direct connect is a necessary evil.


Have had that happen. Simple fix to that is close out restart the game and let the server browser completely populate the server list.

Works every time.

The issue is solves is readily fixed, the issues it causes are legion.

Keep Direct Connection for Private servers, remove for Officials.

Absolutely it is evil. Necessary… no.

I disagree the direct connect allows you to play with people all over the world. I enjoy playing with people from everywhere possible. That`s why Funcom allows it. PVP is tuff no matter where the player comes from. I stopped playing PVP after the bomb dupe. Funcom please do not stop direct connect.


Funcom doesn’t allow it, you are blocked from the browser if the ping is too high. You have to side step the restriction.

Either remove ping and regional restrictions or direct connection to Officials.

It is one or the other.

The problem with people connecting to servers outside of their region is in regard to ping and how it is resolved.

The way I understand is that it basically “levels” out. It “syncs” the player actions to make things fair. Those with bad connection/ping/lag will hit something that moves, the packets sent to server will sync it up and register them. So you can be far away from a laggy player and they attack you, then you will die because you may not have even seen them and can’t respond. The server registered their actions as legitimate. This is opposite of what many other games do.

So the concern for ping especially because of proximity is valid. Ping abuse is actually a real concern in pvp.

As opposed to many other games where laggy players will miss.

Doesn’t work everytime.

If a server crashes, which as you know will often happen on a busy server, you can’t log in right away UNLESS you direct connect. So byebye base.

And your chance to defend a base against a sweaty 10 man overseas ping abusing clan before the crash is?

Your “necessary” evil is the greater of evils. Mine is using the browser as intended. And if EVERYONE has to use the browser we are all on the same footing and your base might not be bye bye its an open question.

Can’t be done. Literally.


If it can’t be done, I’m curious, will removing the direct connect button from the server menu have the affect that the OP is looking for? Personally, I see no problem with people using direct connect, but I also don’t use it and therefore don’t have a problem with it going away either.

I’ve defended against ping abusers. Much easier than one would think.

PVPing against them is very different.

But I am not talking about just ping abusers, it is in regard to being able to log in to the server. Not everyone will have the same opportunity. Some will get in faster while others are left behind.

I think you need to understand that I agree with you that the feature should be removed for officials but only when they fix the browser and 999 ping first.

No, because the launcher “continue” button relies on knowing what your last server was, and that’s something you can edit.

Closer to what OP wants would be for the game client to check the ping before it connects to the server and compare it to the server’s maximum configured ping. That, of course, would create additional frustration for people who see an acceptable ping in the server browser and click “join” only to have the game tell you “sorry, no can do”.

There are other ways of getting closer to OP’s goal, each more intricate than the one before, but they’re all not the right thing.

What OP really wants (or should want) is to have Conan Exiles change enough so that having high ping doesn’t somehow confer a competitive advantage.


Ahhh yes, forgot about this in the game.ini …oh well.



Before Siptah came out even if you direct connected and your ping was too high it would not let you join.

no offence but im tired of asians on my servers who can only join because of direct connect. They constantly exploit any bug in the game and if you slap them around and they get pushed into a corner they just get a hacker to ghost into your base and wipe you from the inside.

Hack Exiles - YouTube heres a video of the cheaper hack client they can use. doesn’t give access to the ghosting into peoples bases but its insane regardless.

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CodeMage has it, that is indeed what I really want.

As a general concept regional servers do make some sense regarding expectations of being able to communicate natively with other players but Asia is a damn big area with a lot of languages as is Europe so that as goal is pretty naĂŻve. They could be gotten rid of and that is fine.

But the frustration of people not being able to connect with the game client checking ping or being kicked if they get ping degradation is entirely acceptable fall back position in my mind.

What we have now is advantage where there shouldn’t be and a browser that often doesn’t let you connect to mitigate that and a button below that lets you bypass that… stupid situation.

I wasn’t seeing you as being adversarial, your additions are as valuable as anyone else’s or my original complaint for that mind. Valid points.

At OP why remove direct connect? I play in american and eu servers… On americans would be impossible without direct connect… So why they should not allow it. Explain us further ur pov please




Because your terrible ping affects the quality of other peoples gaming experience. That is why there is a ping limit through the browser and you are sidestepping it.

That is why mostly.

That is not my point of view, that is point of fact.

i play on official pve server. my ping does not affect any other player… (or can u plz explain how my ping affects others?)

even if so , then why there r no ping servers?