Direct Connect on Official Servers Has Been Disabled

After the latest update i can no longer log into official server 1735 due to my ping being too high. Using direct connect gives the same notice and will not log me in either. Is this an intended feature going forwards for all PVE servers or is this a bug? Any info or workarounds welcome as my stuff will decay in a few days unless i can get back on the server.

Its my understanding they fixed the bug that allowed players to bypass the ping limit on servers that have it.

Unfortunately you’ll need to find a closer server or one that doesn’t enforce the limits.

I was afraid of that. Too bad character transfers aren’t around, could transfer off instead of starting from scratch. Or maybe they will lift the ping limit on PVE servers, we shall see i suppose.

I’m sorry for the problems you have, but I sincerely hope they won’t do that on official servers, we have chinese clans on EU servers which I suspect being a cause of lag, nothing against them personally but they really shouldn’t be on EU servers :slight_smile:

Weak servers lag based on population, ping goes up as the server lags. More people on causes it to lag more. People direct connecting once the server lags past the ping limit was dragging servers down to their knees.

The ping limit is a bandaid fix for weak servers.

I was also bullied by them, but
It’s not good to mention specific countries in the community.

Also, they can connect to any regional server via VPN, with or without ping limit. Like freely using YouTube or Netflix, which are banned by public security.

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so glad it took them 3years to fix this. Is this the time frame we’re looking at for server transfers?

Dude, everyone can create a “Chinese” profile and ingame name.

Also those may be Chinese that live in EU.

You will see when they still keep playing.

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I am not bullied by them, also I am not saying that chinese players are this or that, it is just that some of us can see that the server becomes very unresponsive every time they are online, what we think may be the problem is their possible distance to the server :slight_smile:

Dude, you may be right, but most of them cannot understand anything else than chinese so I highly doubt that they are located in EU, at least not all of them and about seeing it… None of them have been online since the update, that may be a coincidence, but we will see it if all their bases decay… We have just found it weird that the server struggle and crash several times a day when they are online :wink:

wow this true, also dave dont play on official so he canot relate

If it’s true what he is saying, then I might play on Officials again :wink:

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I am an east coast NA player, I tried direct connecting to an Oceanic server and no dice. So I think it is safe to say that any players out of region on official or ping limited private servers will no longer be able to log in.

Report them, may not do a bit of good, but at least you did what you could.

Wont say no.

Probably twice that. So expect server transfers in 2029.

Also, didn’t they change the game to allow this specific thing to happen during siptah beta launch because of a problem with bogus ping values that were preventing people from connecting?

guys will VPN bypass this?

Yeah i am west coast and the server i play on is west coast, when i joined it was 80ms ping, now it’s 215ms ping so it’s in my region and all that just that the ping went up a ton on the menu even though during gameplay it’s only 100 to 120 max, and yeah will a VPN bypass this issue?

Probably for the region check. For the ping check, doubtful.

I’ve seen this happen. Ping tends to fluctuate and sometimes seems to get stuck at a high value. Reloading the game often helps.

I’ve restarted, reloaded, refreshed, and all that jazz and it still won’t drop below 215.

Ouch. That sucks.