Could you increase the ping limit to 300 or remove it?

First of all thank you for raising the latency limit to 200, but it’s not enough.

I’ve been playing since the game launch, I have more than 1000 hours, but since the ping limit, I can’t play anymore.
There are thousands of us who can’t play on an official server anymore. I even wonder if this really solved the lag problem on the official servers.

I’m just asking if there’s a way to increase the ping limit to 300 so that countries with no servers can play on the nearest official server.

Or even remove the ping limit, there used to be problems with the servers before, but the game was real with plenty of people everywhere. Now that time has passed I think it’s time to remove the ping limits, and at least find people on the servers.

N.B. : U’ll say that there is one server with no ping limit, but with 0 people on it. Litterally 0.

Thanks to you guys.

Direct connect circumvents the ping restriction.

So get the IP of your official server and always direct connect to it.

I want it lowered. Since it went up so many
chinese exploiters and zergs have joined

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The official eu pve siptah server I play on has loads of asians playing there, it’s not like they are blocking or in other ways trying to make our lives more difficult, but I suspect they cause some server lag + it kinda annoy me to see the chat being mostly asian language, after all it is a european server and they shouldn’t really be there :slight_smile:

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Wow the nightmare that was CE before the ping limit. No thank you, please keep it as is or lower it back to 140. It wasn’t just the PVP servers either, on the PVE servers you would have huge sections of map blocked off, and signs up saying to contact Wan Lo at this web address to buy this land. That was even before decay, so they just built and moved on to the next server.

On pvp official 1974 they undermesh, have maxed out attributes, can crash the server and do at will and use esp to find any hidden loot / players on the map. literally 10 of them have ruined our server

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