Removing server ping limit would be top improvement for the game

Basically getting disconnected 2 out of 3 times when enganging in combat. Game is unplayable.
And then there’s the ping limit. I get kicked out and server won’t let me join back because the ping is jumping between 100 and 600 in seconds.
Can the ping limit for the servers be removed? We all know what server we’re playing on and how is our ping.

Thank you for your hard work Funcom!

If they did that it would just get worse. The ping limit is because server ping effects everyone on the server, that lag you experience is high server ping. The higher the ping the better chance the server will go down.

Funcom could fix this by going from cut rate server hosts for free public servers, to high quality P2P servers.

Now it seems the “connection has been lost” is the error given, and seems to be a Funcom public server issue exclusively; never seen that error on a private server. From my understanding funcom can’t nail down the trigger and until they do there is no way to fix it.

The last few updates they deploted brought this issue with them. Surely they can re-check their update logs and see what went wrong.

A Refresh button that does not have to wait until the entire server list has finished populating before appearing would be nice, however, until then, while Direct Connect no longer ignores ping, it does recheck it. If your ping is high, it might fail once or twice, but once your ping comes down, it will connect normally.

You should try to direct connect. I think that removing the ping limit will make it worse too, as the players with high ping will affect the server at all (think its is the reason that limit exists)

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