Connect Refused help pls

When connecting to the server, I encounter a problem, it immediately disconnects me and gives an error “Connect Refused”. It may take 2-3 weeks and it launches me again on the server for 1-2 days and after that again “Connect Refused”

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me and my friends also have the same issue, apparently funcom have restriction in some regions and if someone mentioned this issue they will usually copy and paste an answer and deny any restriction and close the topic immediately

What is your ping to the server? They recently fixed an exploit that allowed players to connect to servers despite the ping limits set by the server.

If your ping is too high, you’ll need to find a server that you have a lower ping to or one that doesn’t engage such limitations.

on the forum, one of the moderators recommended that I contact the support site. After I created a technical support ticket, it was closed after 2 hours, without answering anything and not solving my problem.

I don’t think this will solve the problem. Since if I create my own server, when I connect to it, the same problem appears.

If this is happening to you on a private server, then there is something going on with your connection. Potentially firewall, router, or even ISP issues.

Does this happen on every server or just the one you created?

This happens on any server.

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