Connection refused on ps4 official servers EU

Hello and thank you for your continuous support .
I have been playin the game for like a couple of days on my ps4 . I play solo , on pvp servers , official . I have played it a couple of years back but forgot all about it . With the dlc coming out i have given it a shot again .

  • said these since i want you to know I’m kinda new to it . Doing iron farm and making weapons and armor for myself.

Today i tried playing in the server ( don’t remember the exact number ) and i got kicked immediately ( in a matter of seconds ) after joining the server . I thought its the server down time or something but tried another one and the same thing happened .
I just get a message saying connection refused , and get help .
I havent done any behavior to be banned , neither have i been warned ( which i know if you suspend people you dont warm them , simply 14 days of ban will be applied) of being banned . And since i have been playing for like three days without warning , i suppose it’s unusual.

I apologize for my long blabbering. Hope i hear from you soon . Appreciate it

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Welcome to the Forum. I have nothing to do with Funcom just a Forum user. I doubt you could get into trouble in just 3 days unless you spammed across a boss’s area or something else blatantly against TOS. Terms of Service. What is the ping like on the server is it highly populated? You can file a Zendesk report to Zendesk Funcom com. They will need to know what server it is and any other information you can give. Be aware when you copy and paste your information the button to send is difficult to see when using a phone. Good luck Exile :+1: @Community any thing else to add

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Server number is 3154 pvp EU . And mostly empty . Max people i have seen there is 7 .
And as you said , in three days it’s unlikely to do anything to get banned .
I have filed a ticket yesterday , so far no answer though .

Thank you for your kindness and the time you spent for me

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Good Luck to you. Have you tried any other server’s?

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Reread looks like you did try another server.

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Unfortunately yes . I tried other servers .
Tried with another account on my ps , it didnt have any problem whatsoever.

Seems to be an account related problem .

Hope devs contact me soon :frowning:

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Hello @Mohscen,

Could you share your ticket number with us so I can poke my colleagues over at Zendesk to have a look?

If you prefer you can do it over DM :smile:

Thank you in advance.

Hello there , thank you.
Apparently my country ( iran ) is banned by zendesk .

They say its due to change of policies ….

It is a shame to see video game devs fall into politics traps .

Iran is not in war nor being sanctioned by any country .

I am sorry to see this pathetic act from people AGAINST people…

Everyone , everywhere all around the world says dont mix everything with politics. Except when its their butt on the line they gladly would .

This is an act of racism and i cant possibly tolerate it .
Shame ! Shame on you devs.

Hello @Mohscen,

Unfortunately, that’s all the information we can share at the moment. If you would like to leave feedback or get in touch once more, please do so at Zendesk 3.9k.

Thank you for understanding.

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