"Online play is restricted" - Am I banned or something?

I said the s*** word and soon after I was disconnected. Now I can’t connect to funcom.

I realized this is likely the first time I cursed in the game. Is this bannable? How can I see if I’m banned?

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Welcome to the Forum. I you where banned I seriously doubt that is the reason just a coincidence. Funcom doesn’t have people monitoring conversations on server’s. You can go to Funcom Zendesk. Com you may find a place there to enquire @Frogg

Ok, thanks. It’s hard to tell if something happened or if it is just more server issues. I’ve only been playing a couple weeks and have had so many issues connecting. Is it always like this?

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What are you playing on. Ps4 Xbox pc?

Pve-c pve pvp

PVE, PC through steam

It is probably best to play on a server in your region that doesn’t have high ping

yes, I am. Ping is usually 40-80.

I create a ticket on Zendesk and it says “solved” already (?). I really wish I didn’t like this game… so many bugs and issues.

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I am on ps4 most days 100 plus ping I heard earlier today they were doing maintenance to some servers I think European ones for ps4 and pc. I have to crash :sleeping:

Understand that.

Ok so It sounds like an instant ban for saying a potty word in a game with full nudity can probably be ruled out.

Anyone else have consistent connection issues with a variety of error messages?

@CodeMage you have any ideas :bulb: :thinking:

As far as I remember, “online play is restricted” is what you get when your computer can’t connect to Funcom Live Services. Maybe FLS is having an outage in your region, @Frogg?


Looks like pc 1518 crashed and only came back a few hours ago.

Thanks for the info @CodeMage

Yeah if you get banned it’ll pop up a box telling you as much, along with the “reason” and duration of the ban.


Not meaning to derail the thread @Tuffman, but does it give you a similar notification if an admin has wiped just one of your buildings?

Asking for a friend…

I don’t have any experience with private servers. But I would imagine there would be no indication unless the admin directly contacted them.

On officials, they do not wipe single buildings. They just blanket ban you for two weeks because that’s good customer relations…

They do sometimes wipe buildings, they don’t just rely on the decay.