Arena champion in Siptah

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Where in Siptah can you find the material called scraps to forge or repair the arena champion armor ?

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Repairing should be done with a repair kit, not sure if legendary repair kit is required for the arena armour. Named tempersmith armourers can make these if you put them in a tinkers bench.

I believe there was a way via converge trap, but that info might be old not sure if still relevant. You might try it, put the trap inside the storm though.
Never done any more research on it afterwards I find the armour ugly and unnecessary in my gameplay.

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I think you can’t, @Kazalakis . The scraps some minibosses drop on Siptah aren’t the same you get in the warmaker dungeon (smelt them for eldarium).
You can go to the pools, use the correct figurine once you find it, and get a silent legion piece of armor. Repair it, delve it and get the black knight armor. It has a hood, not a helmet, but eventually you’ll land one either by surges or pools
You may even get the silent legion recipe to drop (if i’m not mistaken, and not the light or medium that you can get in the tower). But once you get the aspect of the wolf from the vault, you’ll kiss the helmet and the hood goodbye. It gives you 8 strenght, so…

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Like @prologue1337 said, use legendary repairs to repair it and like @Marcospt said the scraps in Siptah are different, they are used only for smelting and get eldarium, 5 ingots for a piece. Haris had a wheel of pain to the temple of loon. Around this area a nude female boss and another on south drop scraps, eldarium tools and warpaints among other loot. If you are still on 8007 I can drop by and show you how I farm this area.
I really hope you and your clan are ok, give my greetings, nice to see you around m8 :+1:t6:.


Mind the naming, the icons are the same but the items are different :slight_smile:

Its “Scraps” for eldarium in the furnace and its “Armor scraps” that goes into this armor.

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Try at the camp G5- southern section- theres a nude miniboss there she drops scraps you might be looking for. Ill have to test it out as i havent got the recipe yet for champ armor.

Im collecting scraps though as i hit that camp daily on my way to dragons.

U cant get scraps on siptah for godbreaker or arena champion - its exiles land special same as dredger feat, u can get them only if someone transfers it but becuz tranfers now are disabled :smiley: … nobody can fix eldarium items on exiles or scraps on siptah :smiley:

Unless you made the transfer before they were suspended with a shtld of stuff in a full encumbrance build. :wink: Twice.



Yep 2 scraps off Rabid Milly

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