Armor that use "Scraps" on Isle of Siptah

Hi guys, I found some item called “Scraps” when I played “Isle of Siptah”
Does anyone know which armor uses these “Scraps”? Thank you.



You smelt them to make Eldarium ingots. Thats one use for them.

They are also used for armours like Godbreaker or Champion’s armour, but those recipes don’t exist on Siptah, so I don’t know if you can use them for that there. Maybe you can get those recipes from the Delving Bench? Not sure.

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I did a surge at weekend and the vet fighters was wearing god breaker armour so it could be something to do with that armour if they add it

I admin a armorer last night he showed uses for scrap and recipes for silent legion armors have no idea who it was just playing around. Ps4 Sipath

I believe the God breaker is a delving recipe…but very rare to get.

Thanks for your help guys.

We can smelt this “Scraps” to make Eldarium like @Socrates said.

About the Godbreaker or champions armour, when delving these armour, it will give you an black knight armor recipe.

Maybe the armor that use this material will be added later :smiley: currently, it’s used in Smelter

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