Arena Door Possible Issue

I am quite aware that I could possibly… Well be very late to this discussion, perhaps even gone at this point to fix but I couldn’t just sit idle and lose my sanity while I look at this wooden door. It has so much space in between the frame of the door and arena wooden door itself that I could possibly sing “Hello” By Adele. I understand that many individuals don’t really mind much about it but I! Well I just feel comfortable with that gap in between that frame and door. I pray that you see this Suggestion of fixing that arena wooden door because each time I lay my eyes upon such a horror I faint in another parallel universe. Thank you for your time.

Any questions or answers from anyone would greatly be appreciated!


I believe this has been posted already but it does warrant another mention. It indeed disturbs me as well. The placement of the wooden arena door is just a little bit off and could use an adjustment. Really hope they fix it. :slight_smile:

oh and by the way, it’s not:

It’s “I’m quite aware that I’m”. :+1:


You’ve nicely summed up the horror of using bathroom stalls in America. The g a p is too biiiiig. :grimacing:


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